((Something not in Homestuck style or edited with MSPaint! :U ))


You are the MUSE OF LIFE. You have not reached GOD TIER yet, but you can control life quite well using your PLUMBOB JEWEL. It looks just like your own hovering PLUMBOB and even changes with your MOOD, but its smaller. Duh.

You use it to CREATE, BUILD, MANIPULATE, and DESTROY. You have quite a lot of fun with it, making lots of little SIMS in your LAND. They all speak and write in your SIMLISH LANGUAGE, and they all have their own little PLUMBOBS. You build them their own little towns with their own little homes, and every so often, to SPICE THINGS UP, you EXPAND upon their lives by adding things like SEASONS, WEATHER, and SUPERNATURAL CREATURES. You also enjoy putting some of them through different forms of TORTURE, from sealing them in a door-less little room with no food, to leaving them in a sealed up pool to drown. It’s quite fun, and satiates your more SADISTIC side.

You often find yourself making multiples of every character you create, so you can take them through different paths and choices. You also do this so you can SHIP in various ways. One SIM that you like to SHIP with EVERYONE? No problem. You have at least a hundred copies of that one SIM.

You also love making SIM VERSIONS of the other FANDOMS and their CHARACTERS… they find it a little creepy, but they don’t understand your little hobby…

There is this one SIM you just couldn’t keep track of… little BELLA GOTH… where exactly she went, you have no clue… this is why you keep the FREE WILL of your SIMS low now…